The AMEL Institute (AMELI)

With the aim of cultivating a new generation of leaders of the Middle East & Africa (MEA), the AMEL Institute is an innovative online program to train and connect MEA civil society activists. AMELI focuses on secure and practical training in topics including Human Rights, Activism Safety, Genocide History & Prevention, Peacebuilding and much more. 


AMEL will select creative and courageous activists from across the Middle East & Africa (MEA) to participate in the Institute’s online training program. Applications are open to all young people (aged 18-36) who are taking action to address human rights violations, inequalities, injustices, discrimination, conflicts or other community issues in the MEA region. Click here to find out more and apply. 


The online training curriculum will pair practical, activist-led lessons with content from renowned universities and institutions. This custom curriculum will be built up in phases until it includes human rights & abuses, activism & safety, navigating oppressive environments, Holocaust education & genocide prevention, policy advocacy & accountability, civic engagement & leading campaigns, conflict management & transformation, peacebuilding & coalition-building, and leveraging new media.


The Institute will begin with a pilot program focused on human rights, activism safety and genocide history taking place during Winter 2018/19. Following the pilot, the Institute will be expanded to cover additional topics and additional students until it reaches 500 activists per year studying in four thematic schools. With time, top performers will be eligible to apply for a fellowship in the U.S. where they will receive training, mentoring and hands-on experience before returning home to lead change in the region. Fellows will be placed in Congressional offices and Silicon Valley companies in order to gain further skills and experience while providing fresh perspectives to policy and business in the U.S.