The AMEL Institute (AMELI)

The AMEL Institute empowers the young generation of activists in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) with practical knowledge and skills so that they can do their civil society activism more safely and effectively. The aim is to transfer know-how from experienced activists and experts to brave and creative young people in the MEA region who are taking action to build more open, safe and thriving societies. Equipped with these skills and strong networks of likeminded young leaders, AMELI trainees will be able to step up their changemaking locally and nationally, while creating momentum for human rights, pluralism and democracy regionally and globally.


The AMEL Institute is a new program that innovates upon decades of experience in activism and proven training and empowerment projects for young people in the Middle East and Africa developed by AMEL's leadership. Drawing upon this experience and that of renowned experts and institutions - such as Prof. Larry Diamond of Stanford University - an unparalleled curriculum is being created. A pilot program of select topics is taking place for 100 trainees until mid 2019, and the data and evaluations from the pilot will guide the first expansion to additional topics and trainees. With time, the AMEL Institute aims to build full online schools in Human Rights, Activist Safety & Well-being, Holocaust Education & Genocide Prevention, Democracy & Civics, Peace & Conflict, New Media for Activism & more.