Ruwan Al-Rejoleh

“I completely believe in AMEL's mission and think that joining AMEL Speakers Bureau program will enhance my public speaking skills in order inform and influence the public opinion and shape the policies in the US regarding important issues related to activism, peace and co-existence in the MENA region. My ultimate goal is to be a member in the National Security Council to help shape US policy in the MENA region.”

RUWAN AL-REJOLEH, 33 years old, is an independent political analyst with focus on geopolitics and extreme religious groups in MENA region. Originally from Syria, Ruwan was born in Washington DC, where she is currently based. With experience in corporate communications, political research, and counterterrorism, in Syria, Libya and Tunisia, Ruwan also has over five years of experience in conducting political research, writing policy papers, planning and coordinating advocacy campaigns, and providing recommendations to various senior policy makers and stakeholders in London and Washington DC. Ruwan previously worked at Tony Blair Institute for Global Change and has published various op-eds in notable publications like CNN, Newsman and al-Arabiya with TV commentaries in BBC Arabic and France 24 Arabic. Ruwan has participated in several international exchange programs, including the "Active Citizen Summit" in California, Utah and Washington DC, and the "Preparing Global Leaders Institute" in Skopje, Macedonia.  She holds a master’s degree in Global Development and Peace from the University of Bridgeport’s College of Public and International Affairs in Connecticut and is a Georgetown University alumna.