AMEL is currently working to achieve its audacious mission through three intersecting programs:

  • AMEL Speakers Bureau - Ongoing program - The Bureau brings the voices of young changemakers from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) to audiences across the U.S., thus elevating different perspectives about the region through their life stories, while at the same time training these activists through skill building which elevates their leadership profiles.


  • AMEL Leadership Institute - New program - Once this program launches, 500 young activists will complete three out of four online courses, allowing them to learn about Peace & Conflict, New Media, Genocide History & Prevention and Leadership.
  • AMEL NexusNew program - Top graduates from the Leadership Institute will be selected to complete the Nexus program, which will place these leaders at leading Congressional offices and Silicon Valley technology companies, so that they can influence policy and business in the U.S.


AMEL Speakers Bureau

The AMEL Speakers Bureau aims to train and empower young peace, interfaith and human rights activists from the Middle East and Africa (MEA) who are living in the U.S., including immigrants, refugees and visiting fellows. After receiving public speaking and media training, AMEL Speakers will be deployed to events on college campuses, community centers and places of worship across the U.S. Sharing their courageous stories, they will spread sparks of inspiration, understanding, dialogue and cooperation while at the same time expanding their leadership capacities. The Speakers Bureau kicked off in December 2017 with the recruitment and training of five speakers for the My Voice, Our Future campaign in partnership with the Anti-Defamation League-New York.


Two-step Initiative

1. AMEL Leadership Institute

Launching in Fall 2018, the AMEL Leadership Institute will fill key skill gaps among activists in the MEA region. Focusing on campaigns for human rights and democratic development, the online training will step up the mobilizing, organizing and safe activism skills of the region’s next generation of leaders. Building not only their abilities, but also a formidable international network of activists who can exchange added-values, the online program will train and mentor top changemakers as they lead local campaigns and build the foundation of the millennial movement for a new MEA region. Top participants will be selected to visit the U.S. for an AMEL Nexus fellowship where they will scale up their capacities while building relationships with American peers and leaders and participating in the AMEL Speakers Bureau.

2. AMEL Nexus

The AMEL Nexus program brings together MEA young leaders with American peers, policymakers and influencers to learn from one another and collaborate on issues of mutual concern. Empowering both visiting fellows and MEA activists already present in the U.S., the program raise awareness among young leaders and key figures in the U.S. as well as the wider public on issues related to the MEA region, with a view towards creating relationships and policies that support the values of human rights and democracy. In so doing, the AMEL Nexus program accelerates the leadership journeys of MEA activists - building their know-how, raising their profiles and expanding their networks - while at the same time contributing to the discourse about the region and key issues affecting it.

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