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Megan Hallahan

Executive Director

For the past 15 years Megan Hallahan has led youth empowerment organizations and initiatives spanning the Middle East, Africa and Europe. From 2012 to 2017, Megan was Director of the YaLa Academy, the flagship program of the YaLa Young Leaders movement. Among other roles, Megan led the co-creation and co-management of the YaLa Academy together with a team of Palestinians and Israelis, who trained thousands of young people from Middle East and Africa on conflict management, human rights, peacebuilding, good governance and citizen journalism. Previously, Megan served as Secretary General of the Ara Pacis Initiative (an international coalition of grassroots peacebuilders) and held various positions at The Glocal Forum (a European non-profit that facilitated decentralized cooperation for peace and development). Megan has been a speaker at Princeton, Stanford and New York University, among others.