Isaac Cudjoe

“Coming to America at a young age, I found myself stuck between two worlds and two identities. As a peace building devotee, I seek to aid societies to effectively manage diversity.”

Isaac Cudjoe's family left Bogoso, Ghana for the United States when he was just 3 years old. He quickly assimilated, choosing things that he felt were very American in hopes of fitting in. Now, more than 20 years later, Isaac is far more connected to his roots than when he first arrived to the US and takes pride in helping others connect with their roots through cross-cultural conversations about migration and identity. In Spring 2018 he created his first two-part documentary, “(Re)turn”, exploring his own migration story and that of diaspora from 6 other countries. (Re)turn has now become a social movement of diaspora who are thinking critically about development projects and engagement with their home countries. Moreover, volunteering as a Mosaic Peer Educator, working as a teacher in the Republic of Ghana, and taking part in various initiatives of Catholic Charities has also pushed Isaac to work towards constructive approaches to structural imbalances in the distribution of political and economic power in the world. In March 2018, Isaac was a participant in the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Fellowship in Ghana, where he was the only American-raised representative among a diverse contingent of regional leaders. Isaac holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution & Coexistence from Brandeis University and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Mount St. Mary’s University.

Topics include: identity, inclusion, diversity, transforming stereotypes, cross-cultural dialogue, immigration, migration, diaspora engagement, international development, conflict, peace, bridge-building, leadership, mentorship and youth empowerment. 

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