AMEL Institute Selects Trainees

The first group of activist trainees has been selected for our newest program: the AMEL Institute!

In November 2018 AMEL launched the first-ever call-for-applications for the AMEL Institute for human rights and civil society activists across the Middle East and Africa (MEA). The AMEL Institute is a fully online academy dedicated to providing training to local civil society activists (18-35 years old) all over the MEA region.

The goal of the Institute is to empower young people who are taking action to address human rights violations, inequalities, injustices, discrimination, conflicts or other issues affecting their communities in the MEA region. AMEL aims to help make these efforts more effective and sustainable by providing practical knowledge, skills and networks to the activists who are leading them.

Over 250 applications received from civil society activists in more than 120 cities & towns in over 40 countries all across the Middle East & Africa. 54% of applicants were from the MENA region, 45% from sub-Saharan Africa and 1% from other areas. From this pool, a group of 100 will be selected to take part in the pilot program between February and May 2019.