Training Begins

Training Begins at the AMEL Institute

The AMEL Institute (AMELI) pilot program kicked off today for 100 civil society activists from across the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

The AMELI pilot program is providing online training in human rights, activism safety & self-care, genocide & Holocaust education/prevention, democratic development and conflict transformation led by experienced activists, as well as experts from renowned institutions such as Stanford University. With results from the pilot, the full AMEL Institute will be developed and, with time, will launch full online schools in Human Rights, Holocaust Education & Genocide Prevention, Democracy & Civics, Peace & Conflict, and New Media.

The first module of online training in the AMELI pilot program focuses on Introduction to Human Rights by AMEL President Mohamed Abubakr, and Human Rights Advocacy by Nicholas Opiyo, Founder of Chapter Four Uganda. They will share their experience and know-how with the trainees through video lectures, discussion groups and live online Q&A sessions.

The 100 trainees in the AMELI pilot program come from nearly 70 towns and cities across 32 countries in the Middle East and Africa, with 51% identifying as male, 48% as female and 1% as transgender.


They are activists between the ages of 18 and 35 (average age of 27) who are addressing issues such as human rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, minority rights, freedom of speech, environmental discrimination, economic injustices, violence prevention, good governance and much, much more.